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Waste-tech ceramic products able to use solar panels affixed to the wall

Cheapest ceramic material combined with the organic industrial waste, after the ceramic solar panels: Low Cost, about half the normal solar panel; long life, with the building with life; high efficiency, absorption of solar energy than conventional 20% higher solar products.

Installation is also very convenient, "paste" on the wall, roofing, which means that the solar panels can host the same as air conditioning, installed on the roof, balcony, windowsill, etc. according to the sun to get anywhere. Let ordinary city apartment housing tenants can ebb.

Ordinary industrial waste ceramics plus vanadium and titanium black porcelain, through treatment, it would be able to absorb solar ceramic solar panels, the price is only half the conventional products.

Made of conventional materials with water heater, solar panel collectors ceramic body performance is very general, not only long life, high efficiency, and can "stick" to the building, with integrated ......

In 2009, after years of study, black porcelain composite ceramic solar panels (referred to as "ceramic cheap solar panels") finally out of the lab, in Shandong meet with the world.

In 2010, the Shanghai World Expo, one side of the ceramic solar panels built into the "collector wall", successfully applied in the Expo Village Management Center roof. After such a full tech solar panels, but also access to the Expo Hall materials for public visit.

At present, the domestic gold production base of low-carbon economy took aim ceramic ceramic solar panels, ready to be large-scale production. Among these will include the "Northeast porcelain" law library. October 11, Faku County Economic Development Zone of Liu Fusheng, told reporters: "the beginning of a law library with ceramic solar panel companies have the technical inventor reached cooperation intentions long ago, has produced samples next year, which kinds of solar panels is expected to mass production, labeled 'Northeast porcelain' label. "

Low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, is the biggest feature ceramic solar panels. First, the whiteness of its raw materials requirements without common ceramic, is known to the lowest cost, longest, most stable performance engineering materials; two black porcelain vanadium titanium, vanadium tailings industrial waste as the main raw material, is lowest cost, longest and most stable performance of the solar absorbing material. When the cheapest ceramic raw materials and industrial waste organic combination, to create a solar collector body has "fame" --- low-cost, currently about half the ordinary solar panels; long life, according to statistics, at present ordinary solar water heater Most of the collector panel life not exceeding 10 years, while the life of the ceramic solar panels with buildings with life; high efficiency, absorption of solar energy than conventional solar products 20% higher.

Production of ceramic solar panels, is itself in the process of turning waste into treasure. Ceramic installation of solar panels is also very convenient and can be used like an ordinary building ceramics as "paste" on the wall, and even roofing, "This means that solar panels can host the same as air conditioning, installed on the roof, balcony, bay windows, etc. According to get to any location where the sun, so that the city can be an ordinary apartment tenants lingua franca. "

2009, "Chinese wisdom made" high-tech products a ceramic solar panels come out, they get a number of international patents and Chinese patents. Technology did not say, the market prospect is broad. Statistics show that China's existing building roof area of about 100 million square meters, an annual increase of about 500 million square meters. It is predicted that China's ceramic industry has an annual output of hundreds of millions to tens of one hundred million square meters black porcelain composite ceramic solar panels ability to form large-scale alternative energy. No wonder the ceramic enterprises are trying to digest the technology.

It is understood that, in addition to doing the collector body, ceramic solar panels can also play an active role in many aspects, such as desalination, power generation, solar energy is the future of major equipment.
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