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Stanford University invented "microbial cells", comparable to the solar cell

Stanford University developed a "microbial cells", by digesting plant or animal waste to generate electricity, power generation capacity comparable to solar cells.

According to physicist organizational networks reported on Tuesday, which is a new sewage power generation, these naturally occurring "Wired microorganism" can be regarded as a small power plant.

Scientists expected that this invention may be used in sewage treatment plants, or for the decomposition of organic pollutants in lakes and seas. But the current laboratory prototype is only one battery size, both positive and negative electrodes were inserted into the wastewater.

Scientists estimate that "microbial cells" lock in the wastewater can extract 30% of the potential energy, which is probably the best performance of the electricity generated by the solar cell considerably.

Currently, the domestic business involves the treatment of sewage-related listed companies are:

City Investment Holdings (600649.SH): The company has Asia's largest urban sewage treatment Shanghai City Investment Bailonggang sewage treatment plant, the daily treatment of municipal sewage 2,000,000 cubic meters, to reduce annual COD13.8 tons and 11,000 tons ammonia emissions.

Sound Environment (000826.SZ): Our main business operations for the municipal water supply and sewage treatment project investment project investment operations, solid waste treatment project construction and other related environmental protection industries. Europe and other developed countries, the company introduced the latest advanced technology and equipment, has been successfully implemented in the country deal with the world's largest integrated garbage treatment project.
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