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Chinese imports of U.S. polysilicon imposed provisional countervailing duties

Chinese Ministry of Commerce from yesterday (September 20) from the United States imported polysilicon imposed provisional countervailing duties. The industry is expected, by the "double reverse" the impact of short-term upstream polysilicon prices will rise.

This is the second in July this year China announced that the United States and South Korea imports 57 percent of polysilicon impose anti-dumping countervailing tax take further punitive measures. Notably, the United States in 2012 originated in China's solar cell imposed dual tariffs.

"Energy Network" Executive Director HAN: China and the U.S. still has a good long time market-oriented cooperation between industries are mutually originally configured. But in the 2008 crisis, the Obama administration in order to support its emerging energy, which continue to give these offer a variety of solar energy assistance and support. According Strictly speaking, that are within the scope of double reverse. Not only in solar energy, many American industries are protected by the U.S. government. In fact, dual investigations are bilateral, your Chinese seriously, China naturally have you seriously.

Although the Chinese domestic polysilicon production capacity is huge, but in Europe and America suffered double reverse after nearly 80 percent of photovoltaic enterprises have ceased. Domestic solar grade polysilicon market quickly by the United States, Germany, South Korea products dominate. The first half of this year, Chinese solar panel manufacturers use 69,000 tons of polysilicon, there are more than half of imports. Successive introduction of dual anti-sanctions, on the one hand is the Chinese government and enterprises co-sponsored bailout behavior; hand is also to a large number of foreign companies dumping polysilicon sounded the alarm.

Yingli Energy Legal Affairs Fan Zhenhua, the "double anti-tax" levy import polysilicon pushed up the price of products in the Chinese market, is bound to stimulate domestic product prices rebound. Upstream product prices have limited impact on downstream businesses.

Fan Zhenhua: Enterprise perspective can feed processing, bonded processing in this way. Our business with the domestic silicon material suppliers have a relatively long-term cooperation. So for the downstream effects is relatively small.
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