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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Great Wall Computer Wuxue cloud computing service "Smart City"

Great Wall Computer is the world's top 500 China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Electronics) owned backbone enterprises, R & D is the world's largest display manufacturer, the world's third largest manufacturer of LCD TV R & D, the largest computer power development, and manufacturing providers, a leading provider of cloud computing solutions and service providers, and key components in the computer machine, cloud computing and data storage, information security, new energy and other fields have a strong strength and technology accumulation.To learn more please visit: http://www.sungoldpower.com/

In the field of cloud computing and data storage, CGC has a "shadow desktop technology", "intelligent evolution engine technology", "hierarchical storage technology", "cloud acceleration model technology" and many other unique technologies, and combine their strengths in hardware and software with IBM one of the "cloud Chilean side" platform SUNGOLDPOWER products. With IBM, EMC, Supermicro and other large enterprises have maintained close exchanges and cooperation, and for many users of the enterprise private cloud, desktop, cloud, medical goes, "networked car" cloud, park cloud, IDC clouds, cloud education, logistics clouds, clouds and other outstanding retail cloud computing solutions and high-quality cloud services.

Machine and its key components in the computer field, CGC has China's IT industry's most comprehensive manufacturing chain; in the information security field, the Great Wall computers in trusted computing technology, security storage technology, computer technology underlying security, virtualization technology, multi-a field in control of part of the core technology, security computer, laptop safe, secure tablet PCs and other security products are widely used in military and political departments at all levels as well as finance, energy, transportation, medical and other important industries related to people's livelihood; in the emerging energy field, CGC efforts to promote strategic emerging industries power and solar photovoltaic industry, the Great Wall Satcon solar grid tie inverter installed worldwide over 3GW.
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