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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Sichuan Luzhou "sell electricity first person" earn 20,000 yuan a year

Reporters came Longmatan Kun home. At this point, he is busy roof. Climb down the ladder, is an area of nearly 100 square meters of the roof. Has been laid on the roof of a lot of solar panels in the sunlight irradiation, reporters can obviously felt the heat to the Upward. In addition to the square of the electric field plates, there are brackets, battery, inverters and other materials. Kun said that this year in August, after he spent 80,000 yuan to buy these devices.

Kun said that on a sunny day, panels will convert light into electricity, and then through an power converter that converts electrical energy into 380 volts into the public grid. Works is simple, convenient and fast. If the sun shines on the vertical electric board, the higher the efficiency. "Currently, the project has been installed into the last period, the estimate can be completed after the National Day. Upon completion, it merged into the State Grid." In his view, the project put into operation, as long as it is sunny, solar panels generating capacity, can home during the day to maintain the basic electricity consumption.

Spontaneous self-taught Luzhou guy photovoltaic research

R & D projects Kun finally entered the countdown stage. However, he also spent a lot of effort. Since 2006, the business at hand busy after work, he will find time to study photovoltaic power generation projects. According to Wang Kun introduced at the beginning, he did not understand the PV. In order to clarify the use of the principle, he looked up books, browse the site, but also added a qq group, devoted to learning the technology. In April, a netizen also spontaneous Liaoning photovoltaic research and successful network. This allows Kun was very excited.

"Seeing the field can successfully network, I also tried hard to try." Although the technical issues, the project has been the development of a problem, but after some hardships, the Kun launched in August this year his generation projects . Luzhou year of sunshine hours for 1200 hours - 1600 hours, adequate light, which is a prerequisite for photovoltaic power generation. Of course, this is also an essential element of his R & D projects.
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