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Under the new intelligent low-voltage electrical or technology will become mainstream products

With the emergence of new technologies , high-performance , intelligent, high breaking , can communicate , small, modular , energy into the main features of the new generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances will become the market mainstream products, the high-end market share of low-voltage electrical will also be further expanded. Wave of smart grid construction , for lack of money capability of independent innovation of private enterprises, both the transformation and upgrading of opportunity as well as market pressures.

Plus the grid by numerous electrical components , power grids to intelligent, you must first realize intelligent appliances , low-voltage electrical intelligence is the future direction of development, but for low-voltage electrical system integration and integrated solutions put forward higher requirements. This is because the low-voltage electrical industry in the photovoltaic grid tie inverter, new energy control and protection systems, distributed energy , energy storage devices , DC switchgear electrical equipment , and expansion .

These are appliances for domestic private enterprises competitive market disadvantage. Requires the application of low-voltage electrical intelligent intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment , the establishment of key components , including automatic production line , automatic detection of low-voltage electrical line, automatic low-voltage electrical equipment lines. Now, the price war and channel war intensified , the market environment has deteriorated . If private enterprises to increase R & D investment , do not increase based on common technology research to enhance capability of independent innovation , will lose competitiveness in the market , can not be based on the huge market space .
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