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Singapore open consultations renewable energy will raise the ceiling to 600MWp

Singapore government will hold a public consultation on the improvement of solar and other intermittent sources of power generation regulatory framework . In the opening of the Singapore International Energy Week a welcoming speech , the Second Minister for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran said, as part of Singapore to promote the diversification of energy sources , the government has acknowledged Solar "is the most feasible for Singapore in terms of available renewable energy . "

After a brief mention water fracturing ("fracking") and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a new and potentially economically important energy sector after , Iswaran focus on renewable energy , which means that Singapore's Energy Market Authority (EMA) is currently evaluating its regulatory framework , " in order to better explain the benefits of renewable energy and external effects ."

The public consultation will detect solar and other intermittent sources of electricity through the national grid small generator can supply excess electricity to the market the way . Although the statement did not directly mention Iswaran tariff subsidies, but this may include a feed-in tariff (FiT) system , for example, including Japan and Germany , including other regions.

EMA recently , including solar intermittent sources of power generation set 350MWp limit , which may be for the national power grid . In addition to starting the consultation , Iswaran announced , EMA is currently the ceiling is raised to 600MWp. This is consistent with the current stability of the system in order to support intermittent resource reserves .

Singapore recently invested in solar energy research and development , Iswaran 's speech mentioned "competitive research grants to support research and development test bed achievements and institutions such as the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), to study the solar energy for the technical aspects of the environment in Singapore ."

Pulau Ubin Offshore has also established a micro-grid test bed . The micro-grid allows residents to use biodiesel and photovoltaic power generation, to a certain extent replaced the previously used diesel generators.

Iswaran 's speech also mentioned that the Singapore government in the future will be more efforts to enhance the competitiveness of the energy market , and also committed to the Demand Response incorporated into the domestic energy market, allowing customers ' needs by reducing their more active in the market participation , in response to high prices . "
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