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International Power big names "wrestling" micro PV Inverter Market

U.S. residential solar market is a pioneer in the use of such parts , and will continue to sit tight in the major markets in the world. Therefore , recently held in Dallas, Texas International Solar Energy Exhibition (SolarPowerInternational, SPI) naturally became recently joined the company in this field as well as the latest innovations in the field of popular stage show .

AzurayTechnologies held in the SPI recently with their new products in this market emerge. Azuray booth is 1455 , an exhibition of products is a DC - DC power optimizer and AC160 solar module performance monitor.

These two new products are used to detect and optimize the entire solar array shielding solutions. It is gratifying , installers can AP260 decide whether you need to shelter compensation , or through the selection of performance monitoring AC160 decide whether the component is sufficient to meet demand.

Azuray Gill , vice president of business development • Miller (GilMiller) said: " Both products with ACM300 ( communication gateway ) communication , thus and optimization , security and monitoring functions complement each other. As a result , our customers in the use of both compact and cheap products, but also gain high reliability and more generating capacity . "

Azuray claims its AP260 and AC160 using automotive grade components, temperature rating of 85 ° C, thermal cycling common in extreme harsh temperature environments can operate for 25 years. Alleged that the product can be used with all major solar inverters and solar modules compatible . With other companies in this field , Azuray publicity solar capacity increased by 25 percent.
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