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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

PV inverter power companies Guanya completed the third round of financing

Recently, Nanjing Second Power Equipment Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " Second Power " ) successfully completed the third round of equity financing business change procedures , the current round of venture capital investors and Taurus for ZTE venture . This is the Second Power following the introduction of Milestone Capital , Jiangsu Province high-tech Investment Group after the third round of financing. After completion of this financing , Second Power will become China PV Inverter industry one of the strongest capital strength , its industry competitive advantage will be further enhanced.

ZTE Venture Capital as the world's leading communications companies ZTE 's investment company , will join Milestone Capital , Jiangsu Province Investment Group and Taurus high-tech venture capital in the business strategy, marketing resources , technological innovation and other areas to provide comprehensive power Guanya support will be built into China and Asia the power inverter industry's leading global companies.

Second Power was established in 2001 , is China's first independent R & D , production and sales of photovoltaic inverter is one of the enterprises . After a decade of development, the products are mainly for grid-connected photovoltaic inverter 500 kilowatts , has become the highest level of technology and most complete varieties , the largest single power photovoltaic inverter manufacturing enterprises.

The company successfully applied for national patents 18 , developed a variety of photovoltaic inverter 39 classes , a variety of photovoltaic controller 37 categories, presided over the drafting of national PV industry standard 4 , is the country 's first mandatory standard " grid-connected photovoltaic system security requirements ." The first drafter . In recent years, the support of all parties operating results Guanya power to maintain high growth.

Future , Second Power will build policy support and institutional investors the advantages of rapid strengthening the industrial base , and expand the industrial scale, give full play to the company in the photovoltaic industry, decades of development experience, technology accumulation, results of operations and brand advantages, the use of modern enterprise management model , advanced technology , relying on efficient and reliable product quality, ensure that the company 's dominant position in the photovoltaic industry , as well as to improve Chinese products in the international competitiveness of China and the world to improve the environment and make the establishment of a low carbon economy out more contributions.
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