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Growatt PV inverter bloom international tourism island

Recently was informed by Guruiwate ( GREAT ) six new energy supply PV inverter in the National Development Bank of Hainan photovoltaic demonstration project operating normally , its performance and stability to get the recognition and praise the project parties . The project is to start construction in 2010 , Guruiwate new energy supply Growatt inverter installed in October and officially running , as of press has been more than a month and efficient operation , stable performance, high power generation efficiency , the entire system has played an important role in .

It is understood that China Development Bank of the photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects 30kw landscape project , completed in a rooftop cafe , using double glass cell components, and Hainan international tourism island blend of the natural environment , adhering to the new energy photovoltaic green philosophy.

Guruiwate new energy as an important project partners , mainly for providing solar inverters, monitoring systems and other key hardware and software products . The process of cooperation Guruiwate new energy and sincere attitude of cooperation and high-performance products have been highly recognized by the project team , especially during the product installation and commissioning engineers demonstrated dedication and professional attitude, so that project team members amazed.

As an internationally renowned Growatt PV inverter brand growing rapidly in recent years , its "high cost" of features known in the world market. According to the director of the domestic market of new energy Guruiwate most Xi Xie introduction, this new energy Guruiwate smooth hand CDB Hainan demonstration projects are mainly due to their own products, " high cost" advantage.

Xie overall view, the domestic development of photovoltaic power generation project 's ultimate goal should be to achieve grid parity , and this target the most critical step one is to reduce project costs , and second is to extend the life of the project . Is simply two points: price and quality , which is Guruiwate new energy has long been successful practice and adhere to the "cost" advantage.
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