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Major PV inverter manufacturers product analysis

Energy is human civilization and socio-economic development of the basic driving force , the energy crisis and environmental pollution problems have become increasingly severe , the world regard the development and use of sustainable clean energy as a future energy development strategy , in which solar energy to clean pollution-free, no geographical boundaries , inexhaustible and other unique advantages and become one of the focuses of attention .

Photovoltaic solar power is currently one of the main application methods . PV grid-connected inverter solar photovoltaic power generation system in the core components of solar energy through photovoltaic modules into DC power , and then through the grid-connected inverter DC energy into the grid the same frequency and phase of the sinusoidal wave current fed into the grid , so green , clean solar energy and efficient service to humanity .

Domestic photovoltaic inverter product status photovoltaic inverter main foreign manufacturers including SMA, Fronius, Kaco, Shap , etc. SMA is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters , SMA , represented by foreign PV inverter manufacturers started early , mature technology leader in the global PV industry, technological innovation and development, the production of product variety, series whole , stability , reliability and conversion efficiency higher than that ; foreign products another feature is a high degree of intelligence , based on the practical application of photovoltaic systems , has developed a high degree of intelligence PV inverter products , and with monitoring systems, power distribution protection system, constitute a fully functional photovoltaic power generation system.

Domestic production of inverter manufacturers numerous, but specializes in photovoltaic system inverter manufacturers are not many, many manufacturers in the original car inverter, inverter communication , power inverters, UPS and other power technologies basis , began to engage in the production of photovoltaic inverters and R & D , as many domestic enterprises in the inverter industry has many years of experience, has a certain scale and competitiveness.

Domestic production of the PV inverter manufacturers include: Hefei Sunlight , Beijing Corona , Beijing claims the British , Guanya , Zhicheng Champion , Shanghai Ying-Wei Li new energy. Table 1 lists the domestic photovoltaic inverter with several major manufacturers and their main product types.

Photovoltaic power generation project is the PV inverter http://www.sungoldpower.com main application areas , most of photovoltaic power generation projects currently in the demonstration stage , and more concentrated in Beijing , Shenzhen, Shanghai and other economically developed cities , as the technology matures and national policy support , is expected to the future will be the development of resource-rich regions in central and western light .
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