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PV inverter star models recommended

2012 domestic manufacturing industry into the inverter growing number of enterprises , competition has become fierce , but the whole layout view changes in the domestic market is still small , from Shenzhen Guruiwate new energy is still entrenched domestic exports the first position, while Hefei Sunshine Power then firmly grasp the domestic market in the first throne .

According to Pike Research said the latest report , renewable energy inverter market within the next five years will reach 19 billion U.S. dollars , of which PV inverter occupy a larger proportion . Export data from the first half of 2012 observations, China inverter market in the world get more performance opportunities , I believe that the next five years as the sun power , new energy sources such Guruiwate representative domestic enterprises will come to the fore , shiny the international stage.

It is understood that domestic export model covers the inverter small power inverter to inverter megawatt most of the models , many of them in the international and domestic markets have been widely welcomed star models , such Guruiwate autonomy research and production of three-phase models - Growatt10000-20000UE.

Tested by the professional bodies Growatt10000-20000UE highest conversion efficiency of up to 98% , to reach the world advanced level. Growatt10000-20000UE been designed with unique GT topology and multi-channel MPPT technology , making the model conversion efficiency is very high, symmetrical runtime maximum conversion efficiency of 98 % in the full range of voltage and power remain highly stable . In addition, the starting power , low voltage , the system can be run to minimize the impact of inconsistencies , to ensure stable operation of the machine .

In order to meet the needs of the grid , the model also incorporates active regulation, reactive power compensation technology , in line with VDE-AR-N4105 and the latest BDEW standards, ideal for the nearest grid , multi-point grid , really do to grid-friendly inverter.

Growatt three cameras officially on the market in early 2012 , is currently in Europe, Australia and domestic markets have achieved very good sales results. Meanwhile , IMS Research expects distributed generation PV market will become China 's main development direction , a lot of these projects will use a small three-phase inverter . Therefore, in the future the domestic market Growatt10000-20000UE will also get more space for development .

As the world market is gradually enlarged , domestic inverter will have more opportunities to go abroad , I hope in the future there will be more people like development Growatt10000-20000UE as excellent models to shine on the world stage .
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