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SG30KTL inverter used in Germany 8.3MW PV plant

Recently, Asia's largest manufacturer of sun power inverter Inc. announced that its new inverter SG30KTL in the German market gained another successful application . It is reported that the announced projects are located in Berlin, Germany, near the famous Athos Solar PV companies , with total installed capacity of 8.3MW.

It is understood , SG30KLT the sun power the launch of a new three-phase grid -connected PV string inverters . The inverter built-in fuse and surge protectors, no external specialized installation. Chassis weighing only 70kg, is the industry's most lightweight of the power section of the product , only two workers can install the machine installed in the lower part of a wall or panel .

Meanwhile, a product that the maximum output power of 33KVA, maximum efficiency of up to 98.3% , ahead of the general level of similar inverters . It is noteworthy that , SG30KTL has the German VDE (AR-N4105) and BDEW requirements, while compatible with the common market monitoring and data acquisition equipment .

Sunshine Power vice president Wang Weijun , said: " We are very pleased to have the opportunity to provide superior performance for the German market , cost-effective inverter products . Provide products that meet customer needs sunlight to become Asia's largest power inverter manufacturer's cornerstone sun power will strive to become the industry leader in new energy . "
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