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From the roof of the world to the oceans, grasslands ---- decrypt Wall Satcon Solar Inverter

Tibet , known as the " roof of the world ," said the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau , where the solar radiation value ranks the highest in China , known as the place closest to the sun , using solar energy is the best place . But here the climate is very harsh , so here because low air pressure at higher elevations , and more rain , the temperature difference between day and night . Almost within a day can have such a large temperature difference between seasons , in many areas the average daily temperature range of 14-16 degrees .

Shannan Prefecture in Tibet , the annual sunshine time of up to 2600-3300 hours, the annual average temperature is 7.4 - 8.9 ℃, the highest temperature 31 ℃, the lowest temperature of minus 37 ℃, summers are short and cool , the long winter and drought, wind and frequency , frozen for a long time , sooner or later, temperature, frost-free period is short. However, in such a harsh environment , by the Shenzhen Changcheng Electrical Energy Limited ( referred to as the Great Wall of Energy ) Satcon inverters manufactured by Great Wall has successfully achieved the effective conversion of solar energy utilization technology of its products mysteries of doing so ?

Wall Satcon inverter with outdoor enclosure , with response ability to adapt to a variety of complex environments , can be used in harsh natural environment , at -40 ℃ - +50 ℃ ambient temperature extremes are possible within the scope of full power operation , and full power operation without derating maximum permissible altitude up to 4000 meters . And the use of wide- width design, the design margin, but also makes the reliability becomes higher. General Power requirements of the inverter life is 20-25 years , a minimum of 20 years, and the Great Wall Satcon inverters is directly from the design life of 25 years onwards .

It is understood that in a temperate maritime climate of the French La Meisi , 32 PowerGatePlus500kW inverters , power generation of about 15,470,000 degrees to meet the needs of more than 4,000 households , a rough calculation of about 221,000 tons of carbon emissions can be reduced ; in continental warm summer climate of Canada, 78 sets PowerGatePlus inverter, 40 roof project , the only one 100% satisfied Ontario feed-in tariff (FIT) policy requires a large-scale inverter solutions ;

In temperate maritime to continental climate in summer and warm the Czech Republic, 52 Taiwan 500kWPowerGatePlus inverter, inverter 13 units 1MWPowerGatePlusCE , 4 250kWCEPowerGatePlus inverters , services in the Czech Republic 15 solar power plants ;

Humid subtropical climate in China Xuzhou, Jiangsu , 38 units PowerGatePlus500kW inverter, serving on the ground so far China 's largest solar power plant , planned annual savings of 7,550 tons of standard coal and reduce 20,155 tons of carbon emissions ; summer in China hot continental climate of Yancheng roof , 6 PowerGatePlus500kW inverter, grid-connected solar power generation was 3.37 million degrees , is expected to reduce 2,743 tons of carbon emissions.
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