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SiC and GaN technology will become cost-competitive key PV inverter

According to research firm Lux Research report shows that by the solar modules downstream demand -driven, wide band gap semiconductor - namely silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) will lead the solar inverter isolator market in 2020 14 billion, implying its stable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% , slightly lower than the renewable energy and grid-based energy equipment CAGR of 9%.

With GaN and SiC devices entering the market for small systems to bring the greatest competitive advantage , such as facilities for both residential and commercial solar micro inverters and small string inverters . These powerful advantages include: lower homogenization electricity costs, improve power purchase agreements through leasing and sales of electricity and profits , in addition, these devices can also improve performance and reliability.

"With the wide bandgap semiconductor silicon carbide and gallium nitride , solar inverters to victory ," Lux Research analyst Pallavi Madakasira said, " SiC and GaN devices using the performance benefits is so much to As for inverter manufacturers are able to significantly reduce the cost of electricity at the same time , charge higher prices . "

GaN and SiC devices Soldiers big advantage GaN and SiC devices in order to understand the performance benefits , Lux Research analysts were modeled using Si, SiC and GaN inverter three main components - micro- inverter, string inverters and central inverters. The results were as follows :

Smaller inverters to achieve greater efficiency with GaN and SiC isolator solar power electronic devices can be micro- inverters and string inverters with efficiencies above 98%, the current widespread use of silicon devices can not be done . Diode energy collection efficiency can be increased by 1.5 %, while the transistor can be increased to 4% or more. Silicon nitride (GaN-on-silicon) provides the lowest cost solution , while the SiC-based nitride (GaN-on-SiC) and silicon carbide -based carbide (SiC-on-SiC) can be provided higher efficiency.
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