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New Energy Industry Weekly: 2014 Distributed leading PV market planning 8GW

Week view: PV: National Energy Board issued "on the solicitation of photovoltaic power construction scale 2013,2014 opinion letter", requiring limited power light does not appear abandoned the case in 2014 the scale of construction of photovoltaic power generation increased two percent, reach 12GW. Among them, Distributed PV 8GW, photovoltaic power plants 4GW. We recommend policies to promote sustained attention and performance in the industry to bring change for the better investment opportunities;

Focuses on both ends of the polysilicon and power stations, as well as the inverter investment opportunities. Battery: four ministries in Shanghai reported to the State to promote the application of new energy vehicles explicit embodiment, the city will be the new layout 6000 charging pile, and new or updated public transport, logistics and sanitation and other vehicles, new energy vehicles not less than 30%. Recommendations concern the upstream lithium battery materials related business investment opportunities; remediation of lead-acid battery industry has brought increased concentration and long-term recommendations leading automotive starter battery camel shares.

Polysilicon fell slightly last week. According PVInsights sample statistics, PV grade polysilicon edged down 0.06% last week, two polysilicon price stabilization; polycrystalline silicon prices unchanged; solar cells decline of 0.52%; crystalline silicon module price fell 0.42 percent last week. For silicon, the battery fell 0.19%, the average price fell 0.76 percent silicon.

Shandong Province tariff provisions photovoltaic power plant 1.2 yuan per kilowatt-hour. Shandong Province Price Bureau has recently issued "on the use of price policy to promote renewable energy and energy-saving environmental protection and healthy development of power projects notice." 2013-2015 grid photovoltaic power plant tariff determined as 1.2 yuan per kilowatt-hour (including tax), higher than the national benchmark price in part by the provincial commitment.

We think: Shandong Province in the third category of the National Solar PV resource area, photovoltaic benchmark price of 1 yuan / kWh, the province will increase 20 percent subsidy, we plant internal rate of return is expected to be increased by 10 percentage points, to improve the investment enthusiasm of photovoltaic power plants .

Important company news: 1, Sun Power: Sunshine Power Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu New Energy Development Co., Ltd. Mita on joint investment in building distributed Hefei High-tech Development Zone 32MWp PV project signed a joint venture contract and the project contract.
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