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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Ohm Nick Photovoltaic new push "Balcony generation" Suzhou TV attracted visitor

November 7, Suzhou TV into ohms Nick, special interviews distributed solar photovoltaic power plants, mainly on the "balcony generation" and the "rooftop power generation" operating principle and in environmental protection has made a great contribution to make in-depth understanding. It is reported that this trip Suzhou TV shoot, aim for a file "Science Topics" organization content.

The ohmic Nick Park, one of the few with group-based science and technology enterprises, such as Yutong alongside selected, primarily from its high-tech products and technology transformation due to the enormous economic, environmental and social effects.

Ohm Nick's first "balcony generation" is the German core technology and the best combination of Chinese wisdom, and has received a number of national patent certification, and the company released on November 1 ohm Nick micro-inverter is in this area The most suitable product.

Ohm Nick micro-inverters have: power generation, high reliability, fine intelligence, installation, and security benefits, etc., and the company relies on strong after-sales service system to provide users with 24-hour worry-free service. Ohm Nick Marketing Director Lizhen said that in the "2013 China PV power plant annual awards ceremony", the company awarded the "Contribution Award Distributed Applications", which is the strength of the evidence.

Ohm Nick micro-inverter is ideal for the user's home station, is not only suitable for any construction on the roof and balconies, in the protection of resources and the environment, conserve electricity user input, generate additional power gain, high security and other aspects have a strong advantage.
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