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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Under the German system, the development of China PV Inverter Road

It is said that Germany has advanced inverter technology experts Ohm Nick will be on November 1 in the "2013 China (Nanjing) International distributed energy and new urbanization forum" for the new conference, will launch heavy New - Ohm Nick micro inverter. For this release, industry experts said type of rigorous and innovative development of the road so that enterprises become very smooth.

"German" fine degree is notoriously, Ohm Nick refinement process requires a very high degree, in order to ensure product quality, each design should be carried out draft discussion back and forth hundreds of times, and finally baked prototype also need to go through rigorous testing to be put into production. "German" way of thinking is notoriously strict, from the CEO to sweep the floor cleaners are hard. This is not done consciously, is entirely a habit.

Suzhou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ohm Nick, a commitment to research and development of PV inverter manufacturer, is widely recognized as "booming" high-tech enterprise, has numerous so envied honor: Suzhou Industrial Park technological leaders, Suzhou leader, Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents, Chinese entrepreneurs dark horse contest runner-up

Zhao Lei honor did not let pride in the German rigorous, innovative management mode, a leisurely quality products in China, the land of blossoming. Ohm Nick ironclad its quality, and more than 30 of its own independent intellectual property rights, as well as more than 10 patents per year to obtain the speed of the achievements of the industry's number of "world's first / first" honor. Such as "2012 R & D to create the world's first built-in integration WIFI monitoring system, the realization of the entire PV plant monitoring zero cost" and the "company's flagship product Omniksol-2.0k-TL tested by the authority 3K ranked first in the following global conversion efficiency . "

Since December 2008, the central implementation of the introduction of overseas high-level personnel of the "Thousand Talents Program", all kinds of talents overseas Chinese in order to achieve the dream, positive response to call of the motherland, after returning to the motherland's reform, opening up and modernization drive contributions power. Minister Mr Li had mentioned, each of the "thousands of people plan" expert has a heart, "China Dream", the desire to one day own development into the tide of China's development.

Mr. Zhao Lei, general manager ohm Nick, it is "the motherland blue sky" dream, in 2009 began to return from Germany is committed to promoting the development of the domestic photovoltaic industry. He fully utilize its 10 years in Germany to study and work experience, accumulated more advanced technology, just one year to complete all of the international certification, becoming the world's first integrated within the inverter WIFI card business. This also has the only string-and micro-inverters, and in the year 2013 more than a month Customs data show exports of the country's first business.
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