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German inverter manufacturer with annual sales expected to cut 2013

German inverter manufacturer SMA recently said that due to the downturn in the European market situation , in 2013 the company will be unable to make ends meet . But the company is expected to help SMA acquisition Zeversolar usher in improved its performance .

In addition to sales and profits are bad news downward revision , SMA Solar Technology today announced the release of earnings data to catch the eye is a pleasing statement , the 2014 results will be better again .

November 4 , the German inverter manufacturer held a special shareholders' meeting , then this German-based company announced its Rottnest Thar will not break even in 2013 , but with the previous expectations of the "most good condition " consistent and expected loss will amount to 80 million to 90 million euros .

The company expects sales of 900 million euros from -13 one hundred million euros to 900 million euros fell by 1.0 billion euros, which at least shows that the worst case for SMA is not overly optimistic .

In a company statement, interim , SMA will be lowered earnings attributed to stronger than expected decline in the European market and Zeversolar company's restructuring costs. It is reported , SMA company acquired in March Zeversolar.

German company to € 40 million acquisition of Jiangsu inverter manufacturer 72.5% stake Zeversolar, thus entering a more "healthy" Chinese PV market .

Perhaps for a more diversified market expectations , prompting the company's board is expected next year sales will return between 1 to 1.3 billion euros , which the company will return to profitability .
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