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Sun power solar grid inverter winning new railway station in Wuhan project

Recently, the power from the sun Wuhan Office came the news: After following the Hangzhou Energy and Environment Industrial Park 2MW project success and networks, but also to get the favor of investors, China's investment in China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation is currently the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic power train project - the new railway station in Wuhan photovoltaic power generation projects, the successful bidder once again, all grid-connected inverter.

Wuhan Railway Station is the first of a new forest in the train station, but also the world's longest passenger line railway station, railway station wavy shape for the nine roof eaves, like 9 flying crane, "Nine" expression nine provinces , central arched hall roof, meaning central China. Its "Millennium Crane return" styling highlights Hubei character, and solar photovoltaic projects built in the nine-wing shed above.

Project construction scale of 2.2 megawatts, generating about 20 million degrees, solar photovoltaic energy provided will be used to train the interior lighting and air conditioning running. The project is expected to be completed before December 20 this year and put into use.
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