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Polysilicon industry export domestic photovoltaic inverter concern

Under the minimum import price of polysilicon to $ 19 / kg and excess capacity in the background, the domestic photovoltaic solar industry has started to export to domestic sales in the guide policy.

After going through the winter prices, the domestic photovoltaic solar finally usher in the dawn. China installed capacity target, "Twelve Five" period of photovoltaic solar power determined to 21GW, that is 21 million kilowatts. It is reported that the first goal of the PV installed capacity, "Twelve Five" period for 5GW, last year raised to 10GW, 15GW to be raised after the end of the year, this raised to 21GW, representing an increase of three times the initial value.

In this regard, analysts believe that the current situation facing the photovoltaic solar energy more severe, both the U.S. anti-dumping tax rate, but also in Germany to cut solar program, so this increase photovoltaic solar installation target to stabilize overcapacity in the industry.

There broker believes that the domestic development of distributed power plants need to focus on three major issues to resolve policy aspects, model links, technical aspects. At the same time, the current solar power itself is unstable due to the domestic grid in terms of the relative aging will have a relatively large impact, even a threat to the safety of the power grid. To solve these problems, in addition to upgrading the grid from the hardware, the solar power system side, especially the technical reliability of PV inverters is particularly important.

From the A-share companies in the photovoltaic inverter, the sun power, Section Hengsheng, KSTAR, Hidenobu shares, Kymmene technology and other companies involved in the PV inverter. Among them, the sun is the main company of photovoltaic power inverter, 2011 Sun Power photovoltaic inverters to achieve revenues of 790 million yuan, accounting for 90% of total revenue. PV inverter revenues increased 44.03% over 2010, while in 2011 the PV inverter shipments of 915MW, 2010 years 343MW.
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