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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Solid Dulwich (GoodWe) actively explore the German photovoltaic market

The latest news, the world's leading supplier of distributed photovoltaic power generation equipment solid Dulwich, its full range of PV inverter products through technology upgrades have been fully compliant with the latest regulations of the German EEG2012 new energy regulations, may have a connection with the PM function Solar-Log , reactive power load shedding control, so as not to increase the network load when fully charged, so the grid more secure. As an opportunity to actively layout Dulwich solid German market, and strive to become a market can be recognized and made Chinese inverter manufacturer market breakthrough.

German PV market came recently acquired Chinese giant SMA inverter manufacturers 72.5% stake in megavolt love Faso, implementation of localization in this way, decisive trough reached in PV industry in China, the market share of China Everbright excellent start "Feast . " At the same time, Chinese brand inverters to be outdone, has gradually matured into the European photovoltaic market, international brands produced a shock in the competition fully shows the cost advantage.

Not long ago, the solar expert Wolfgang •; Hummel express their views on the German media: "is located in Suzhou, near Shanghai GoodWe, SMA will surpass them by improving the logistics system partners with renowned international logistics cooperation DSV DSV.. to ensure air and sea transport through the improvement of its product supply chain, customers in Europe through this benign logistics cooperation, in just five days can get ourselves inverter. recently GoodWe and Mrs. Patricia Ruhr area in Germany Tal city set up its own division, the original SMA has home advantage in the German market formed a huge impact. GoodWe thus can radiate into other markets in Europe, such as Belgium, Luxembourg and France. "

Last December issue of "PHOTON Profi", "PHOTON German" and "PHOTON International" were released inverter test reports, solid Dulwich's GW4000-SS inverter through the Photon rigorous testing, won the "double A" evaluation, 4kW levels in the world's first global ,1.5-5kW level three. The honor was for solid Dulwich has a very important significance, proved solid Dulwich inverter has advanced in the world, for the international marketing of products provides authoritative endorsement of the quality, but also for solid Dulwich further develop the German market and lay solid quality foundation.

Solid Dulwich is a fast-growing new energy high-tech enterprise, the company is headquartered in East Watertown, Suzhou New District, has focused on the development, production and sales of solar PV inverters. Product design from Germany, the production base in China, has developed the production of single-phase single SS, DS single-phase dual, DT Dual-phase, DDI high frequency isolation, PB bi-directional energy storage, MT centralized photovoltaic six series inverter products, power coverage 1.5kW to 500kW. Full range of PV inverter products the highest conversion efficiency 98.8%, MPP tracking efficiency of more than 99.5% of the total current harmonic distortion (THDi) control less than 1%, has reached world-class level. Meanwhile has developed a complete product line and wireless monitoring and Internet surveillance programs to meet the diverse needs of different customers.
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