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2012 sales exceeded PV inverters

IMS Research's latest PV inverter market report depicts the current market more than 150 major suppliers of business environment. Compared with other products on the solar industry chain, the PV inverter prices fell relatively small. However, IMS Research still expected in 2012 although the inverter shipments will grow 25 percent, but the manufacturer revenues increased by only 3% of the global PV inverter sales will exceed $ 7 billion.

"In 2012, the inverter supplier shipments will continue to rise sharply, but it is difficult to grow sales and profits," IMS Research PV department heads Ash Sharma said, "subject to changes in product mix, market demand, adjust, put the major market growth Slow and other factors, in 2012 inverter prices will have a double-digit decline. "

Since last year's report noted inverter high inventory, in 2011 global sales of PV inverter market has been shrinking, but shipments increased 12%. Because Germany and Italy PV system capacity will gradually decline after 2013, Europe will subsequently lose dominance inverter market.

"In 2010, Europe PV inverter shipments and sales accounted for 80% of the global market, respectively, but we expect that by 2016, this proportion will drop to 40 percent over the next five years, the European region of the inverter Sales will be difficult to surpass 2011 levels due primarily inverter manufacturers are located in Europe, its main production facilities and customers in this region will decline PV inverter manufacturers a huge European market challenge. "

However, the scale of global PV inverter market will still continue to grow, but the market is more fragmented. According to IMS Research expects the global PV inverter shipments will maintain double-digit growth over the next five years, to 2016, global sales will exceed $ 9,000,000,000.

In the past few years, the PV inverter manufacturer's market share rankings changed little. SMA ranked first in the share of decreasing, the other major supplier of Power-One, Kaco, Fronius and share RefuSOL of up and down.

According to the report, after last year, the largest increase in market share of the top ten companies, which shows the PV inverter market, there are still variables. "In 2011 the market share of the fastest growing companies is Enphase and SolarEdge two new companies, Advanced Energy and Emerson also has a larger market share growth." Sharma concluded.
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