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CSR PV inverter to the grid at high altitude

Recently, the China independently developed by CSR Zhuzhou the GTI-500-type photovoltaic inverter at an altitude of 3100 meters in Qinghai xitiesan CGN a photovoltaic power plant successfully achieved high altitude grid.

PV inverters and power generation systems is one of the core equipment of photovoltaic, solar energy and energy conversion to achieve it plays a key role in the. Solar photovoltaic modules into DC power into AC power through synchronous AC power inverter into the power grid to achieve grid.

China independently developed by CSR Zhuzhou the GTI-500 uses a unique type photovoltaic inverter inverter without transformer design techniques and parallel, and has been certified by the authority of the Golden Sun, TUV and CE.

Previously, the station experienced a photovoltaic inverter commissioning 10kV high-voltage grid, the inverter installation, cooling duct reconstruction, strict examination site and network commissioning and optimization of multiple parameters MPPT site links, has stood the test of high altitude to overcome the problem of inverter heat the thin air at high altitudes caused. Currently, the system is working properly, stable performance, good thermal performance, power efficiency power generation level of similar foreign products, praised by users.

According to the National Development Planning of strategic emerging industries, xitiesan Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture location will be to build solar power base, in 2015 the formation of 7.5GW of installed capacity. The GTI-500 PV inverter successful grid, marking the company's core technology concentric diversification strategy successfully implemented in the field of new energy photovoltaic, PV market to compete Qinghai has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent large quantities and high altitude Application accumulated technical experience.
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