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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

PV inverters and UPS are homologous Technology

KSTAR UPS power industry is the leading domestic enterprises . By type , UPS can be divided into information equipment and industrial power supply with UPS UPS power categories, KSTAR is mainly engaged in information equipment UPS. Eaton , Emerson, Schneider three international giants constitute the first echelon of the industry. Kstar second tier in the industry , is a leader in the capital . In terms of revenue , the company is the first domestic brand's downstream customers including banking , telecommunications , government agencies and so on.

Steady growth in the UPS industry in the global stage , the domestic market is growing faster. Global demand for UPS to maintain a relatively steady growth of about 6.5% per year or so , in 2011 the global UPS market size of up to $ 7.41 billion . With the transfer of international manufacturing and related industries in the domestic market , driven by domestic demand faster than the global average UPS , UPS is conducive to industry growth .

High-end products , the gross profit margin continued to improve. KSTAR end of the power of online UPS products accounted for the rise, the company 's gross profit margin of 18.73% from 2007 raised to 30% in the first half of 2010 , has improved significantly. With the equity investment and the future of online UPS to expand production capacity of the project, consolidated gross margin is expected to be further enhanced.

PV inverter is a new surprise . The company's photovoltaic inverter and UPS are homologous technology , in the " Golden Sun Demonstration Project" inverter tender, 29 companies participated in the tender inverters , there are eight companies eventually come to the fore , the company is one of them. With the future of the industry is expected PV inverter industry, explosive growth . The company currently has 100MW of Suntech and supply agreement Raised funds could continue to invest in the inverter industry .

Raise investment project is mainly to expand production capacity . Companies raise funds mainly online UPS to expand production capacity, the project is completed , the company will increase to 142,500 units in the existing annual 62,500 units of production capacity online UPS , the rate of increase of production capacity of the existing production capacity of about 130 %. Production release will bring rapid growth performance.
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