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Accurate solar photovoltaic simulator

In order to make solar panels or arrays to maximize power generation, under the given conditions independent inverter and grid connection inverter uses a sophisticated method to find the maximum power point, otherwise known as MPP. Connected by an array of solar modules or changing load fluctuations IV find the maximum power point on the curve, and the inverter converts DC power generated by the solar module to AC power or AC power consumptive or local grid.

Determining how to accomplish this task the inverter is very important. A feasibility project depends on the efficiency of the inverter manufacturer or distributor to be like they say so efficient. Inverter efficiency gap of a few percent would make a project worthwhile, even worse may result in litigation.

Effectively test the efficiency of the PV inverter requires an accurate simulation of both output from the solar cell panel or array, and can provide application-specific output power of the solar cell array simulator. The actual use of solar panels or arrays are not practical because the control output to a certain extent all the conditions to be simulated is not possible.

In order to simulate an array of solar panels or modern designer and manufacturer of inverters for use, is available digitally controlled power, coupled with sophisticated control software, these systems can simulate up to 1 megawatt solar panel array.

Accurate simulation tests inverter solar array can be a considerable challenge. As previously mentioned, the inverter output impedance changing their maximum power point tracking. Simulator must respond to load changes solar array. Not only to maintain the power output of the simulator must also tracking simulation IV curve of the solar panel or array.

Compounding the problem, many solar inverter http://www.sungoldpower.com generates AC ripple in the connection of the PV array DC input. For single-phase inverter frequency is the line frequency ripple (United States of 120Hz) twice. Normally you would want to have a power supply rejection of this ripple, but in terms of solar array simulator power must not inhibit it.
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