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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Family photovoltaic power plants and networks

Built on the roof of a small photovoltaic power plants , both to achieve power self-sufficiency , but also to make money. This is Wang Qingwang years of dreams. Today, he dreams come true, and built the first grid Liaocheng home photovoltaic power plants.

Household photovoltaic power plant in Yanggu County Lion Village street waiting an ordinary three- roof by 12 photovoltaic solar panels , an inverter, a power meter and switches, wires and other components , covering about 20 square meters , with a total cost of about $ 30,000.

3 kilowatts installed capacity of power plants , is expected to generate 4,000 kwh , household electricity consumption is generally about 4 degrees per day , the excess electricity fed to the national grid through the meter measurement . According to the current national policy to sell electricity proceeds plus 0.47 yuan per kilowatt -fa 1 kWh of electricity per country 0.42 yuan subsidy calculation, about 10 years will be able to recover the cost of equipment , and the life of the entire family system PV power plant in 25 years above , the remaining ten years is pure benefit.

After a month of trial operation , the family has passed the inspection of photovoltaic power plants , into the national grid , which marks the first self Liaocheng photovoltaic grid success. " I built the starting point of the power station , the roof is trying to take advantage of idle up now spread to ordinary households . Kilowatt photovoltaic power plant every hair , you can save a kilowatt of coal consumption , very good for environmental protection ." This generation way , not only can fully realize the power of self-sufficiency , and is truly clean energy without any pollution.
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