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Guruiwate distributed inverter Yong success

Recently, the reporter learned in Shenzhen , Guruiwate distributed power station in the country to install the first wave inverters shipped in excellent peak performance , widely praised by end users. With a good brand reputation and extensive overseas experience in the installation , Guruiwate domestic customers get quick approval , only the first project in Jiangxi million roof project has received nearly a thousand sets of supply orders , far ahead of other inverters manufacturers.

Jiangxi million roof project as one of the pioneer works in a distributed policy , was officially launched in June . According to Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission statistics show that as of now the first rooftop photovoltaic households reporting of the project has reached 1088 . Guruiwate As the outstanding representatives distributed inverter brand , won a number of counties in Jiangxi Province Development and Reform Commission approved and recommended.

Industry insiders, distributed photovoltaic power generation has been quite common in the United States and Europe and mature . PV building applications accounted for Germany, Italy and other countries has reached more than 80% ; in the United States , in 2010 , 67% of PV building applications in non-public buildings ( residents and commercial buildings ) . It is worth mentioning that the Chinese inverter brands distributed projects in several countries in Europe and America and Australia have contributed their strength, the most representative Guruiwate As project has completed nearly 800MW of distributed inverters in overseas markets 's sales and installation.

Distributed by the stimulus policy , Growatt string inverter recent rapid warming demand , especially household Growatt1000-5000 model number of orders rose rapidly. Guruiwate marketing staff , and now more and more customers choose to install a distributed overseas experienced Guruiwate company to inspect exchanges. In an increasingly competitive PV market , Growatt as an industry leader by being constantly innovative product development and continuous access to high-speed dynamic growth , its excellent brand influence has been recognized by more and more domestic and foreign customers , brand influence also growing.
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