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Crystal Electric boost domestic PV market deployment of distributed

September 18, 2013, the domestic photovoltaic inverter global solutions provider Guangzhou Crystal Electric Co. (Crystal Electric) and distributed in East China's first photovoltaic system integrator Union on New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Hi-Tech (Thailand United New Energy) reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will establish a good working relationship, through the integration of their superior resources, distributed jointly committed to the domestic PV market development.

Crystal Electric, founded in 2004, existing and new energy converter two Division provides string PV grid-connected inverter the whole series models and built-1K-20K remote network monitoring solutions, selling its products in The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Britain, Australia and other global PV market, but also a handful of domestic PV market in Europe successfully develop an inverter business.

Thai Union Energy has a professional PV project development team has years of industry experience in system design, installation and after-sales service, will focus on distributed photovoltaic domestic residential and commercial project development, construction and installation of photovoltaic power plants , has completed the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai multiple civilian villa roof project, currently being commercially distributed Jinan 200kW of power plant installation.

The next three years, Crystal Electric is committed to the new string PV inverter research and development, to further reduce costs through inverter technology innovation and improve product reliability to meet the 25-year PV system uptime requirements, while relying on the existing national 16 offices improve inverter service network. Thai Union Energy will rely on European partners, with years of industry experience, commitment to the development of distributed PV systems to provide optimal solutions for distributed systems.

At present, the vast majority are still concentrated photovoltaic applications PV power plants, using more than 100kW central inverter, while the domestic PV market is still distributed in its infancy, the market for string inverters in photovoltaic applications and distributed costs Revenue recognition still needs some time advantage, but with the European PV market matures, relevant experience will also distributed to the domestic market at the appropriate reference.
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