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Guruiwate global PV inverter shipments breakthrough 1GW

August 18, along with two loaded inverter truck slowly pulled out Guruiwate industrial park gates, Growatt inverters worldwide shipments exceeded 1GW mark.

Guruiwate Founded in 2010, it called for the rapid development of the legend of the industry. Industry still circulating Guruiwate "18 months" leading the growth of domestic industry exports myth, and the use of three-time global shipments 1GW, Guruiwate are unstoppable momentum creating another industry legend.

It is understood that Guruiwate sold in Europe, the United States and Australia markets to fame, and it is rapidly growing in the domestic market also allows industry admiration. Guruiwate officially entered the domestic market early in 2012, and has maintained its strong growth momentum in the international market, according to incomplete statistics, as of now Guruiwate domestic shipments have exceeded 200MW.

Insiders said that the 2012 Sequoia Capital invested let Guruiwate become future national and even international markets are not to be underestimated inverter brand.
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