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German companies Refusol official inverter easy to master

Following the burst of the German Refusol company signed a contract with Advanced Energy, now the German PV inverter business Refusol U.S. Advanced Energy Industries has become a subsidiary.

Headquartered in Germany, Messing root (Metzingen) of Refusol Holding GmbH spokesman confirmed that the company has signed an agreement with Advanced Energy company. Therefore, the U.S. company has acquired Refusol three-phase inverters in series production line, which is expected to make the existing central inverter products more perfect.

According to a statement released by Advanced Energy, said the company will Refusol pay about 59 million euros in cash, assuming it had total debt of 900 million euros, and net working capital reduction of € 1.8 million. If it is confirmed, then the post-acquisition unconfirmed EBITDA has reached the goal of the previous 12 months, another 10 million euros may be paid by cash and Advanced Energy stocks in two ways.

It is reported that the U.S. company had been IHS Solar year 2012 as the world's fourth largest inverter suppliers. In addition, after Refusol was acquired, the company in 2014 revenues are expected to grow to PV over 400 million U.S. dollars. CEO Garry Rogerson said the acquisition REFUsol is one of our many strategic initiatives, we are accelerating the company's revenue growth and profit margins.

He added that the North American market by leveraging existing channels and REFUsol infrastructure in emerging markets like India, Asia, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, we will quickly enter these emerging markets and in-depth development of these markets have tremendous growth potential. And our ongoing focus on cost control, so this acquisition will help us achieve our strategic goals, and brings tremendous value to our shareholders.

Refusol aspects commented that this acquisition will make our products easier access to overseas PV markets. The marketing director of marketing Michael Groll told reporters that the two sides signed the acquisition agreement on April 9 in. In addition, Messing root plants will be retained.

Market research firm IHS Solar will this acquisition as "laying the European market position, further development of the product supply channels, and reduce small commercial three-phase inverter system is the gradual erosion of strategic risk initiatives." Although it was revealed that the two companies merged in 2012 will become the world's third largest business inverter suppliers, but according to the 2012 total revenue is expected to total global market share of the two companies is just over 5%.
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