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Samil Power micro-inverter for Australia SAA certification

Recently, Samil Power Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " Samil Power " ) in 2012 launched a new micro-inverter SolarPond 240HF-AU, recently passed international authoritative testing organizations test , the Australian SAA certificate , smooth obtain a pass to enter the Australian market .

SAA certification is a third party certification body by Australia and New Zealand Joint Certification Services (JAS-ANZ) accredited . It awarded the certificate of approval for the electrical equipment , demonstrate compliance with Australian safety standards. Australia, as an important international PV market , solar PV market has great potential for access to testing PV products is also very strict . SAA certified products obtained before entering the Australian and New Zealand markets for sale.

The Samil Power micro-inverter with excellent quality , stable performance , successfully passed the test , and reached the advanced level , to the mountain billion in research and development of new energy micro-inverter is another important milestone in an outline , for while enhancing customer confidence and accelerate the expansion of the Australian market has played a positive role , but also for Samil Power to further expand and improve the Australian market and lay a solid foundation.
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