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Matthew suffered "China threat" inverter manufacturers international giants game

Consolidation in the industry reshuffle, how to maintain the healthy growth and gain market share by reasonable means, the focus of China inverter manufacturers should be concerned. Only with such a mission, the strategic significance of the local brand inverters and voice in the global battle to be able to gradually improve. Matthew suffered "China threat" inverter manufacturers international giants game

Matthew principles of economics in today's market can be described as time-tested photovoltaic inverter. In recent years, SMA, Power-One and represented abroad KACO inverter manufacturers accounted for almost two-thirds of the global market share of more than one inverter. And being called "PV shuffle" in 2013, SMA acquired MeV love Faso, ABB acquisition of Power-One, seems to be a conscious international giants to create the most attractive part of a global leader in the PV value chain to dominated the entire inverter market.

The acquisition brings with integrated boom development, service resources and marketing capabilities, so that leadership abroad inverter manufacturers to consolidate again, it also seems to convey such a message to the industry: the inverter industry will continue "Several dominant" situation.

In foreign brands have not yet fully inverter firm foothold in China, local manufacturers seem no trace inverter respite. Integration of the global PV industry has spread to every segments of the business. "China PV inverter market will usher in an unprecedented reshuffle, many small and medium enterprises PV inverters in the market will be completely disappear," This is the second large polysilicon PV module manufacturers closed down after being acquired internal industry cook out again a strong medicine. In fact, in Europe and America have experienced double reverse stick of China inverter manufacturers have already alert to the inevitability of this trend.

When a mainstream component manufacturers gradually recovered from the downturn in shipments and revenue, the PV inverter industry has also opened a prelude to the price fight for the integration of reshuffle. Upstream and midstream silicon cell components and anti-dumping complaints experienced double the cost price fell, only a few major enterprises in the polysilicon low-load production; PV module prices have fallen to the lowest point in the past few years, developers have begun to study solar photovoltaic Balancing System (BOS) in other components, such as PV inverter cost reduction measures to save development costs of the entire system.

GTM Research senior analyst thus spoke of "the quality of products and systems for the photovoltaic industry is healthy bottom line while maintaining the key to the whole system is to ensure that the inverter to play a greater value in the entire plant system." This view has been agreed with many domestic manufacturers of photovoltaic inverter line.
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