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American Power-One joined forces with Japan's Matsushita to build an energy storage system

American Power-One and Panasonic recently announced that they will collaborate to develop energy storage systems as well as large utility-scale and commercial PV inverter business.

The two companies have entered into a strategic alliance, the two sides will cooperate in the development, manufacture and sale of energy storage systems, including Power-One inverters, Panasonic lithium-ion battery and power generation systems. Initially, the two companies plan to develop residential, commercial in non-residential areas of Europe, America and Japan, and utility-scale energy storage systems and network services.

Energy Solutions president of Power-One Renewable AlexLevran said Panasonic's advantage lies in the development of home energy management systems (HEMS) and lithium-ion batteries, such as product development, manufacturing and sales, which is critical for energy storage systems. Panasonic batteries and energy storage combined with our expertise in the field of advanced inverter technology, which will be the perfect combination of unrivaled.

Power-One and Panasonic said the two sides also plan to develop large-scale commercial and utility-scale PV inverter business in Japan. But the two sides did not disclose further details and financing channels.
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